This class teaches you all the need-to-know the basics of using a digital SLR camera a class for beginners using DSLR photography class.

Do you want to fully understand the core of photography, from Aperture, ISO and Shutter speed?

Maybe you want to learn how to take a picture that shows motion?

Maybe even a blur?

Creating your photographic vision by removing your camera off AUTO.

Master the mechanics of your DSLR and begin your journey into photography starting with:

  • Aperture and depth of field
  • Shutter speeds and controlling motion; freezing the moment
  • ISO sensitivity; light sensitivity
  • Basic white balance; the balance of color
  • Know your Lenses and focal length
  • Exposure compensation for the right situation
  • The rule of Composition
  • Tripods and filters

This class will provide you with a wealth of camera knowledge leaving you prepared to advance your photography skills in any direction.

Class Materials: After your first class, you will receive a class manual to read and techniques to implement on your journey

What to Bring to class: Your digital SLR camera or fully adjustable mirrorless camera and note-taking material. After the first class, you will need a jump drive to bring in your assignments.

Schedule: Classes are limited and class location will be announced a few weeks before classes.

* A digital SLR camera is a full-size camera with full manual controls and interchangeable lenses.  SLR = single lens reflex.  We work with all types of DSLR, so you’re welcome to bring them.

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