Photography 101


This class teaches you all the need-to-know the basics of using a digital SLR camera a class for beginners using DSLR photography class.

Do you want to fully understand the core of photography, from Aperture, ISO and Shutter speed?

Maybe you want to learn how to take a picture that shows motion?

Maybe even a blur?

Creating your photographic vision by removing your camera off AUTO.

Master the mechanics of your DSLR and begin your journey into photography starting with: read more…

Photoshop 101


We’re excited to announce our new and improved Photoshop 101 class! Photoshop is an industry standard program for manipulating your photos and creating unique designs all by editing pixels. This class is ideal for creative persons of all types including photographers and marketing persons.

In this class, you’ll learn how to adjust and modify your images to take them from good to amazing. You’ll learn tips and tricks for photo retouching, how to work with layers, create business cards and postcards. You will also learn how to create inspiration boards and how to add text to your images. This class will also cover how to work seamlessly between lightroom and photoshop. read more…

Illustrator 101


Illustrator 101 class! In this class, you will learn the basic functions and tools to help you design and illustrate vector graphics and logos in Adobe Illustrator.

This class will cover Artboards & Workspaces, an in-depth discussion of the Tool Palette and all it’s functions, using the Pen Tool, and other basic tools, taking your Illustrator designs from the computer to print and much more!

PLEASE NOTE: This class will be taught in Illustrator versions CS5, CS6 and CC. Versions earlier than CS5 may not translate well enough and are not more..

Coming Soon….